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Some things you should know about us

We build websites and ads that work on all devices. What's really cool is that they will work on future devices too!

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Be empowered. Be the webmaster of your own website. We make it ridiculously easy for you!

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What we do with websites

What we do with websites

We make your site look and function the way it’s supposed to, across all devices
(and future devices too!)

Mobile users are on the brink of out-numbering personal computer users. It's more important than ever to ensure that your site is as accessible on-the-go as it is on a desktop. Your customers want to be able to easily access  your site, no matter where they are. 

Most mobile devices are much smaller than desktop screens and that creates a challenge. Namely, the user experience is going to deteriorate from one device to another. With that in mind, we design and develop with a mobile first approach.

We can help you reach more customers with a responsive website.

Not only will we help you reach more people with a customized, responsive website, we'll also make it easy for you to update and maintain.

First, we'll design a unique site that's tailored to your business and your brand. We'll also create a content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily manage your website using a simple set of tools. No more wasting your time and brain cells on complicated application templates - our systems are all very simple so you can operate with confidence.

Ask us about our digital ad tech solutions!

We pride ourselves on providing top quality digital display solutions from standard to fully blown rich ad tech. We have a strong understanding of what you can and cannot do from creative and technical standpoints. Don't promise your clients something that you can't deliver. We can make sure that you fully understand the technology involved so you can present ideas with total confidence.

Finally, we love working and communicating with our clients. We still enjoy using those things called telephones (even online conference applications like Skype or iChat) or meeting face-to-face because we feel that is vital to truly understanding you and your business needs.
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Some of the people at FRED

Jeff Payne

Jeff Payne
Chief Creative Officer

Interests: Family + Fast Moving Objects
Zodiac: Aquarius

With 14 years' experience working in new media, Jeff is an old pro in this young field. Since graduating from Sheridan College's New Media Program in 2003, Jeff has designed award-winning websites and has developed everything from online ads to mobile applications. Always up for a good challenge, he is eager to explore the latest technologies and seek out ways to make them work for his clients. Merging a designer's imagination and eye for detail with solid online marketing and digital skills, Jeff achieves that perfect balance between creativity and functionality. But it's Jeff's positive and upbeat approach to everything he does that makes every work day a fun day.

Vincent Kwan

Vincent Kwan
Lead Developer

Interests: Family + Sports + Stocks
Zodiac: Virgo

Vincent has been in the web development business for 13 years, creating functional, efficient, and interactive websites for clients of all sizes. Vastly experienced in mainstream programming languages, he is capable of working on all aspects of website development which includes: Frontend, Backend, Database and Design. He is highly creative, motivated and is keen on learning new skills and technologies, to continually improve and expand his knowledge base. He strives to get the job done right the first time takes great pride in his work.

Siobhain O'Reilly

Siobhain O'Reilly

Zodiac: ARIES

Siobhain O'Reilly has 20+ years of experience writing for web, print, broadcast and direct mail. Having worked on both the agency side and client side, she brings a unique perspective that few creatives have experienced. While she can pretty much write about anything and talk to any audience, Siobhain has specific experience writing for consumer packaged goods, financial services, retail and business-to-business (with expertise in marketing to small business). Her work has been recognized with numerous plaques, statuettes and other dust collectors on both a national and international level.

Erin Martin

Erin Martin
Project Co-ordinator

Zodiac: VIRGO

Erin has 14+ years of marketing and executive coordinating experience. She’s also seasoned in administration support, research, advertising, client growth and account management. Erin brings an essential analytical component to the team. Her attention to detail, excellent organizational skills and a mad ability to multi-task makes all of our jobs here at Fred a whole lot easier!

Ariel Venner

Ariel Venner

Zodiac: Pisces

Ariel has designed websites, cross-platform applications from desktop to iPad, one-off ads and multi media campaigns that generate results. Some of the wonderful folk he’s had the pleasure of working with are brands such as Nissan, Infiniti, Microsoft, BASF, theScore, CBC and many more. With each project he always learns something new and with each experience, gains a little more humility. What?

David Albertini

David Albertini
Business Development

Zodiac: ARIES

David has been working for the past 8+ years as a business development professional across a number of different industries, including design and development, professional sports, building and operations, lighting solutions, and infection control. He has an ingrained love for making companies grow, while helping clients get the most out of their relationship with Fred.

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